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What to


Tighter fitting athletic clothes are best. Shirts should not go above their head when going upside down. Some girls wear leotards, but it is not required. For participating parents, any athletic clothes will be fine. You are allowed to wear tennis shoes in the gym if you wish.

Hair should be pulled back out of their face.

*no bare midriffs*

What to


You will want to bring a water bottle to have quick access to water during class. Water bottles, shoes, and any other cover ups may be kept in the cubby area just outside of the GROW gym doors. 

What to


We are going to have so much fun in the GROW Gym working everything from fine motor skills to main gymnastics skills. We will begin each class with a quick warm-up and stretch. Afterwards we will split off into our groups and go to our events. Class will end with a fun motor game and stamps! Athletes will be released one at a time from the doors into the hands of their 'big person'. 



If you ever notice your little one doing their potty dance, feel free to come in and rush them to one of the restrooms located on either end of the gym. Once they are finished, just put them back with their group. Just make sure everyone washes their hands! If there is a day that someone isn't in the mood for class, we ask that you politely remove them from the gym until they are ready to participate again. We will gladly have them back in class once they are in a better mood.

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