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Our Mission

RSA is engaged in the business of providing gymnastics and fitness instruction in a family-friendly and Christian-centered environment that promotes excellence in sports and in life. We believe that along with the physical, spiritual training has value in all things, for it promises rewards both in this life and in the life to come.

1 Timothy 4:8

Rock Solid Athletics is owned by the Barker Family, Jennifer Porter, and Al Gamboa. 

Dr. Craig Barker wanted a gymnastics facility that could love kids the way God loves us. He believes gymnastics is a great foundation for any sport and even life. Dr. Barker, with the full support of his wife and two kids, reached out to Al and Jennifer who are experts in their field. Al is an amazing team gymnastics coach with many years of experience and dedication and Jennifer is a nationally rated judge excellent at managing the craziness of Rock Solid.

The owners are a fun group of people who have a passion for helping kids fly and glorify!

Our Story

Even though she isn't in the building much these days, the “old folks” that work here know none of this would exist without Kendra Barker's faith and vision. In 2024, Rock Solid will celebrate its 13th birthday, but God planted its seed in Kendra’s heart years earlier. For those that haven’t heard this story, you might enjoy it. How did a little girl envision and name RSA?


Kendra fell in love with gymnastics in preschool. Even though Craig and Karmen knew nothing about the sport, we loved seeing her passion for something so good for her. Our little gymnast would talk about being a gymnast at the highest level. She would tell us, “I do gymnastics for God.” Truly taking 1 Corinthians 10:31 to places most adults struggle to follow. She also shared her plans for the future, saying, “In my gym, there will be….”


Every school project was not just gymnast-focused but centered around gym design. There were drawings, models, and essays. We heard new details about “her gym” all the time. We tried to steer her to try other things. “That sounds cute, but you know this isn’t easy for you. How about you try something with a ball?” 


In March of 2011, God began revealing His plan to the rest of us. We purposefully kept Kendra in the dark about what we were working on. We knew the reality was that it most likely wouldn’t happen.


On the way to church youth in April, she said, “Momma, I know what I want to call my gym.” I braced myself for something silly like the Purple Princesses, but instead, she continued, “Rock Solid. You know, like Christ the Solid Rock.” We all quickly agreed that we had a name. There has never been any doubt that God placed it in Kendra’s heart at the perfect time.


A month later, we were able to tell her there would be a Rock Solid sooner than she ever imagined. It wasn’t the one she had dreamed of yet as we were renting that long skinny building, but kids were learning gymnastics, getting healthy life lessons, and all in faith. God blessed the efforts of so many over the next 5 years and we were able to build the current building where many of her visions became reality – after we spent lots of detailed architect hours.


While away for undergrad, our visionary has never stopped contributing and helping implement her faith-based ideas for Rock Solid. Even now, in the middle of medical school 6 hours away, she has helped us progress and move forward no matter what we are facing. She will often say she "doesn't work here", but we all know her heart & passion are Rock Solid. 


While we frequently (and jokingly) "blame" Kendra for Rock Solid's existence, she quickly gives God the credit which is why I share this part of our story. We fall short daily; but, we strive to let God lead as we offer great things to the families of our community and our sport.


After she completes her medical training, she hopes to return and practice family medicine with her dad next door where she will continue to help others live their best lives so they can do the crazy things God has for them.

Our Milestones

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