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Birthday Buddies

During your child's birthday ~week, they will get to bring a friend to class!! This friend needs to be able to enjoy the class as well (age/ability). Your child and their buddy will get matching gear!

This friend will attend the same class/group as their Birthday host for one class. Your guest should be someone who will enjoy the class with you. They can be someone brand new to our sport and they can do a lot of watching and cheering. That is okay as long as they are good with that and don't try things they should not.

To register, the buddy will need to have/create a Classbug account. This allows us to get some important information from them!! Please make sure your friend knows the day and time. (They will only select the day in our system.  It is up to you to let them know the time and where to meet you at.) Refer them to the link below & give them this code - "BeMyBuddy" so that there is no charge.  If you have any questions or issues, please email  

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Got Questions?

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