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Once you have reviewed the spreadsheet calendar you will need the link at the bottom of this page.

$ Please note that a payment plan is available if you are paying additional monies you may select to pay 10% now and the rest by 9/16. (However, at this time FunJoin isn't showing that option if other "included" meets are selected so will need a separate checkout for that.) Most will not need to pay an additional amount unless you are selecting the additional Ruidoso meet.

Here is a quick "how-to" video since this system is so new. Also, if you have two kids on team - it doesn't really separate the credits but I am fine with that and should all work out in the end.

(You do not have to check out separately for each meet.)

The system shows you how many meet credits you have to spend. Let me know if something doesn't look right. And please see the notes & video if needing to use your store credit.

There are questions as you checkout - please make note of that information. And that will will also allow me to complete your sign-up for the north-state meets if that applies.

Want me to walk you through this in person? No problem just send me an email



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