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Special Evaluation

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Your Invitation

Your child’s coaches have seen lots of gymnastics potential in their efforts in the gym lately.  Since your child made a list of ones that need further evaluation, Rock Solid would like to invite them to this special evaluation time.


What is the goal of this evaluation?  We want to make sure your child is in the correct training groups as we work to advance their gymnastics skills this spring.


What if we can not attend?  A private lesson time might be a good substitute - check with the front desk.


There is a lot that goes into progressing in gymnastics.  Our coaches will elaborate on the processes we follow at RSA at the beginning of this evaluation.


Our coaches will individually follow up via email with their notes and assessment of the evaluation in about ~10 days.


There is no charge for this event if you receive a special invitation. 


In the web store, select the appropriate “Evaluation - Invitation Only” and add to cart and use code and check out. -- or use link that is in the email

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