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What to


Tighter fitting athletic clothes are best. Shirts should not go above their head when going upside down. Most girls wear leotards, but it is not required. Hair should be pulled back out of their face.

You will need to wear your colored arm/ankle bands to class each week. These help our coaches know what skills everyone is training as well as help athletes learn which leg is their 'favorite' leg for their gym skills. 

*no bare midriffs*

What to


You will want to bring a water bottle to have quick access to water during class. Water bottles, shoes, and any other cover ups may be kept in the cubby area located just inside the door to the left of the main staircase. Athletes will have access to these items during class if needed.

What to


We are going to have so much fun learning more gymnastics skills. Coaches will gather athletes cubby area located to the left of the main staircase. We will begin each class with a warm-up and stretch. Afterwards, we will split into groups and go to our events and work skills and drills. Athletes will be released one at a time from the door to the left of the main staircase into the hands of their 'big person'. 



We have lots of parent seating on our second floor with a great view of the gym. While this is a great spot, please refrain from 'coaching' or talking to your kids from here as they need to be focused on their events in order to be safe. Leave the coaching to our coaches and everyone will have a great time! If you ever want to know more about class drills and skills, feel free to talk to your athlete's coach after class or anyone at the front desk.

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