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Our competitive team comprises of a minimum of 4 hours of practice with an option for 6 hours of practice a week. This is a travel team that will compete from roughly December to May with the option to keep going in the summer for higher level athletes at our national competitions. They will compete in three events; Double mini, Trampoline, and Tumbling. When athletes are competing they have the advantage of being different levels on all three events, so there is a level for everyone out there that joins our competitive program. Our meets are located in places such as Lubbock, Levelland, Amarillo, Midland, and DFW. If both parties agree on joining our competitive team, practices will begin starting June 5th and will be committed until May when most of our competition season is over. Competition attire would include a leotard for girls and a singlet for men with shorts or pants depending on the event, along with trampoline shoes.

If joining our CLUB TEAM: it is the next step for your athlete to get more intensive practice times to prepare them for our competition teams. They will be required to work out only 2.5 hours a week. Their competitions will not travel but be in house here at our own gym. 

Trampoline & Tumbling Team

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