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You will begin your party in the gym for an hour of crazy fun play time. Then, we will move upstairs to the party room for cake and presents for the last thirty minutes.

Kids will be able to play on the trampolines, bars, beams, ninja course, and more. Parents are not allowed on any gym equipment as it is made for the kids only. 

*Pre-school gym available upon request*

What to


For your party, you will need to bring all items related to the cake. This includes plates, cutlery, candles, napkins, etc. You may bring other food if you wish, just keep in mind that all food must be served in the party room where you will have thirty minutes for both food and presents. 

A juice box will be provided for each child, but you are welcome to bring other drinks especially for any adults attending as all water fountains are closed at this time.



As of right now, you have secured your party date with your initial party deposit. All other payment will be handled the day of your event. At this time we will charge for your party package as well as any additional children that go beyond your group maximum per the package you chose. You will also be able to leave a tip if you wish for your party host at this time.



We want to know how your Rock Solid Party can be perfect. We will confirm all decoration colors as well as any last minute reminders the week prior to your event.

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