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Kids will be able to keep their school gear in a designated cubby area while they play in the gym.

For their special Friday class, kids will want to come in or bring athletic clothes to better participate in the class.

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Kids will want to bring a water bottle to have quick access to water while playing. We will have multiple water coolers set up as refill stations.

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We are going to jump out so much energy this year! Kids will arrive at RSA after short van ride. Once at the gym, they will have the choice of gym play or a snack. Kids will be allowed to go up for snack later if they choose to play first. For pick-up, parents can either come into the building or do curbside pick-up with their child's name card.



We are here to partner with you! If you need our help in any way, do not hesitate to reach out. Please let us know of any ways we can make your kid have a great day.

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