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In the GROW gym we have lots of fun, but we also make sure we are properly developing your little ones. Here you will find how we plan to GROW your little ones this coming week as well as other gym updates.

This week we will be getting wild! We only have three weeks in the gym left in 2022! It's crazy how time flies and we will be getting crazy with some of our skills. We will be putting our fine and gross motor skills to the test, but most importantly we will be having fun! Our spotlight skill for this wild week is the FRONT SUPPORT! From getting dizzy to using our triceps and everything in between, this week will be all smiles. 



Getting Wild


Wild_Style__207_.pages_e6bb809f-8e67-43f1-9689-25c317508a72 (dragged).jpg

This Week's Spotlight Skill


Grow god rocks our world

If you ever notice your little one doing their potty dance, feel free to come in and rush them to one of the restrooms located on either end of the gym. Once they are finished, just put them back with their group. Just make sure everyone washes their hands! If there is a day that someone isn't in the mood for class, we ask that you politely remove them from the gym until they are ready to participate again. We will gladly have them back in class once they are in a better mood.

These steps help ensure everyone has a great time in the GROW gym!

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