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The latest TEAM INFO

BOYS BOYS! Need to figure out when we can have a sizing event for the TEAM Boys all BOYS T&T and AA (might have to do two times) -- must have a parent and any current uniform pieces. (we can pull boys a bit early if we need to but parents can start without the boys)

Also just sent you an email with the form that needs to be completed prior to 10/5

* I will start by saying there are so many pieces to your uniform! So I am still trying to find the best way to make this the smoothest process.

Let's have a sizing event! See facebook group for a poll to vote.

Bring your items from last year even if they fit. It will help us make sure others get the size they need. Also, an opportunity for those that would like to buy and sell used to make that happen as well.

Make sure to LABEL everything!

I will need everyone - new or old to complete the form below prior to 10/5.


All Boys - Singlet same as last year

Jacket's are the same as last year for everyone and no used options available because all are custom.

Navy SweatPants, Pommel/Trampoline Pants, Shorts -- same as last year -- and will most likely not change anytime soon. Most are solid navy and stock items.

Going to attempt to have a "sizing event" - so that we can all do this together instead of the one on one I have done for several years. - that part is great but figuring out the used ones is a bit tough.

Pricing info is listed below in the fields too.

Note we will order backpacks separately.

[Mainly for Girls who will compete for first time this season in the spring]

See notes below or at the top of the form. Price information is listed on the fields in the form.

No amount is due until the needs are confirmed - then, I will place the items in your cart and you can confirm those and choose a payment plan before check-out. Half due on order and the rest due before we wear them ~11/30.

Backpacks will be ordered separately - mid October.

ONCE the form is complete and you need a sizing appointment there is a link for that at the end of the form. I appreciate you all clicking through this so that we can keep everything straight. - Karmen


GIRLS There are 2 different leos.

The "compulsory" leotard is the one we have had that is all sublimated with the white RSA on the back so there may be used ones available [New design coming for 24-25]
The "compulsory" leotard [AKA less expensive one] is for:
AA Girls levels 2-5 & XGold
T&T Girls - Most of you.

The "optional" leotard is brand new & I will be sharing photos below as it just came in and the girls were so excited. It has a small navy RSA on the back. [we will have these for a min of 2 years]
The "optional" leotard is for:
AA Girls level 6+
T&T Girls - level 8+ have the choice of this one.
AA Girls that are 5/6 also have the choice of this one.

Jacket's are the same as last year for everyone and no used options are available because all are custom.

Leggings. Same as last year for everyone. Solid Navy.

Once we know who needs what or who has what -- will get that info out for those that want used options -- but all leotard orders for new ones for the spring must be placed by 10/5 to ensure on-time delivery.


We have a meet calendar for “spring” - I know you will have lots of questions and I will get the info broken down and detailed.  For now, here is the big picture.

Please be looking at your calendars as we will have to start entering them as soon as we can.

Note we will need a minimum number to attend any meet.  But we will address those things as you all complete the sign-ups.  Cost and or credit information will be out early next week and decisions will need to be made within 2 weeks for many of our teams groups.

Here is the link to that “big-picture” notice the columns on the left note which groups are invited.

Special Order TEAM FAN SHIRTS!

Most sizes are $16

click pic to order before 8/29 to receive by 9/8 


We can still do a few of the white jerseys.

Price is $30

click pic to order --- runs very large - some in shop


Help NEW friends find a place at Rock Solid = Get credit on your account.

  • Upon request, a graphic will be created and emailed to you with your special promo-code with 10% off their 1st month. 

  • Share the information and make sure they USE your special code at checkout.

  • Once the NEW Rock Solid family completes their 1st FULL tuition payment (generally the 2nd payment cycle), you will receive $30 per class credit on your account.  We will review and audit accounts on the 1st of the month.


Due on 8/18 (please complete if you have not done so)

link to order if interested -- 24" x 16" We have for T&T too.

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